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List Of Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Some shrub species are more tolerant to periods of drought than others, and other shrubs just like dry conditions, with little watering need.

Here is a selection of drought tolerant shrubs and bushes;
  • Caryopterris × clandonensis; Bluebeard Dark Knight; deep blue flowers from August to October, reaches 3ft / 1m in height.
  • Cistus × crispus; 'Sunset': Rockrose, flowers July to October, 2'x2' / 75cm high and wide.
  • Cytisus praecox; Warminster broom: deep yellow flowers on arching sprays in May, grows 5ft / 1.5 m high and wide.
  • Genista lydia; Broom; wiry, arching green stems massed with tiny, butter yellow flowers from May to June, 2'x2' / 75cm high and wide.
  • Hebe speciosa; "Midsummer Beauty"; lavender-purple flowers in tapering spires, July to August, 4ft / 1.2m high.
  • Hypericum patulum; 'Hideote': golden yellow, saucer shaped flowers from June to September, 5ft / 1.5m high.
  • Phlomis fruticosa; Shrubby Jerusalem Sage; Bright yellow flowers borne in tiered clusters round the stems, from June to July, 2'x2' / 75cm high.
  • Salvia officinalis; Kitchen sage; handsome grey, green and yellow variegated leaves; 2ft / 60cm high. Makes a spreading bush.
  • Santolina chamaecyparissus Lavender cotton; hummocks of bright green thread like foliage, lemon yellow flowers in summer, 1ft / 45cm high.
  • Spartium junceum; Spanish broom; honey-scented, golden yellow flowers borne freely on grass like stems July to September, 8ft / 2.5m high.
  • Yucca, See our page on Yucca for details.



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