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Shade Loving Shrubs

Various forms of spotted laurel (Aucuba japonica) provide glossy evergreen leaves in plain green or with golden variegations. If both male and female plants are planted, the females will bear bright red berries in autumn. In the dry shade of walls or buildings, where indirect light is not restricted, variegated or evergreen hollies make a bold splash of foliage color. On a shady wall or at the foot of a tall tree, plant the climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea petiolaris). Although it is deciduous, its spring and summer foliage and flowers make an attractive display.

Planting Shrubs in a Shady Area.
Use periwinkle and variegated ivy as the basic ground cover plants, with three or four plants for every square yard. At random, in the middle of the planting area, set stinking hellebore, lady's mantle and mourning widow. Their foliage will rise above the ground cover and they will give a succession of flowers from early spring through to summer. Towards the front, plant bulbs and lungwort (Pulmonaria saccharata) with its spotty evergreen leaves and pretty spring flowers. Combined, they provide early spring color.


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