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Shrub Species of the Atriplex Genus

Picture of a Saltbush Shrub
Saltbush (Atriplex canescens)

Saltbushes can be used in areas affected by soil salination, as they are extremely tolerant of salt content in the ground. The common name "Saltbush" derives from the fact that they retain salt in their leaves. Many species are edible, a leafy vegetable with a salty, spinach like taste. The Garden Orache (Atriplex hortensis), also called Red Orach, Mountain Spinach, or French Spinach, is an annual that is the most popular for human consumption.

Saltbushes are also used as an ornamental shrub in landscaping and can be used to prevent soil erosion in coastal areas. The species of Atriplex are and widely distributed, some grow as seashore plants (halophytes), some as shrubs of moist environments, and a few grow in desert areas that also have a high salt content.

Facts about the Atriplex Genus of Shrubs
  • Genus Scientific Name = Atriplex
  • Genus Common Names = Saltbush, Orache, Gartenmelde
  • Number of Taxa in the Atriplex Genus = 187

List of Saltbush Shrubs, Atriplex Genus - All known species, taxa on Earth, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second.

Botanical, Latin, Scientific Shrub Name Common Shrub Name Coldest Zone Warmest Zone
Atriplex argentea Silverscale Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex californica California Saltbush 9 10
Atriplex canescens Fourwing Saltbush, Salt Sage 6 10
Atriplex cinerea Grey Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex confertifolia Shadscale Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex elegans Wheelscale Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex gardneri Gardner's Saltbush 6 9
Atriplex griffithsii Griffith's Saltbush 9 10
Atriplex halimus Mediterranean Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex hortensis Garden Orache, Red Orach,
Mountain Spinach, French Spinach
3 9
Atriplex lentiformis Quail bush, big saltbrush, big saltbush, quailbrush,
lenscale, len-scale saltbush, white thistle
? ?
Atriplex paludosa Marsh Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex patula Spear Saltbush, Common Orache, Spreading Orache 2 9
Atriplex polycarpa Cattle Saltbush, Alkali Saltbush 7 10
Atriplex rosea Tumbling saltbush, red orach, and tumbling orach ? ?
Atriplex semibaccata Australian Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex sibirica Siberian Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex spongiosa Pop Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex suberecta Sprawling Saltbush, Lagoon Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex subspicata Saline Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex texana Texas Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex wardii Ward's Saltbush ? ?
Atriplex wrightii Wright's Saltbush ? ?



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