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Shrub Species of the Smokebush (Conospermum) Genus

Picture of a Flowering Long Leaf Smokebush Shrub
Flowering Long Leaf Smokebush (Conospermum longifolium)
Picture by Peter Woodard, Australia

The Smokebush (Conospermum) genus contains 53 species that are endemic to Australia. They grow in native habitats widespread over the continent. Some of the New South Wales species are known as smoke bushes. They are generally called "Smokebushes" because, with some species, the appearance of the flowering plant from a distance resembles puffs of smoke.

Most species are not widely used in horticulture, however Conospermum longifolium and Conospermum taxifolium have been propagated with more success than others, and they can be found in Australian gardens and landscapes.

Facts about the Conospermum Genus of Shrubs
  • Genus Scientific Name = Conospermum
  • Genus Common Names = Smokebush
  • Number of Taxa in the Conospermum Genus = 53

List of Smokebush Shrubs, Conospermum Genus - All known species, taxa on Earth, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second.

Botanical, Latin, Scientific Shrub Name Common Shrub Name Coldest Zone Warmest Zone
Conospermum acerosum Needle-leaved Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum amoenum Blue Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum crassinervium Summer Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum ellipticum Oval-leaf Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum flexuosum Tangled Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum glumaceum Hooded Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum huegelii Slender Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum incurvum Plume Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum longifolium Long Leaf Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum longifolium subsp. angustifolium Narrow-leaved Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum longifolium subsp. longifolium Long Leaf Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum longifolium subsp. mediale ? ? ?
Conospermum nervosumar Blue Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum stoechadis Common Smokebush ? ?
Conospermum taxifolium Variable Smoke-bush ? ?



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