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Shrub Species of the Pearl Bush (Exochorda) Genus

Picture of a Pearl bush Shrub
The Bride Pearl Bush, (Exochorda x macrantha)

Exochorda species are used as ornamental shrubs with the common name Pearl bush. They are deciduous shrubs growing to 2m to 4m tall. The flowers are white, with five petals, produced in the spring months, on the ends of branches.

Facts about the Exochorda Genus of Shrubs
  • Genus Scientific Name = Exochorda
  • Genus Common Names = Pearl Bush
  • Number of Taxa in the Exochorda Genus = 8

List of Pearl Bush Shrubs, Exochorda Genus - All known species, taxa on Earth, organized by scientific Latin botanical name first and common names second.

Botanical, Latin, Scientific Shrub Name Common Shrub Name Coldest Zone Warmest Zone
Exochorda albertii ? ? ?
Exochorda giraldii ? ? ?
Exochorda grandiflora ? ? ?
Exochorda korolkowii Turkestan Pearl bush 5 6
Exochorda racemosa Common Pearl bush 4b 8
Exochorda serratifolia 'Northern Pearls' Northern Pearls Pearl bush 4 7
Exochorda serratifolia 'Snow White' Snow White Pearl bush, Pearl Tree 4 7
Exochorda tianschanica ? ? ?
Exochorda � macrantha The Bride Pearl Bush 5 8



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